Dracaena Marginata display in Beverley resin container (all
colours available)

Dracaena Massangeana display in rust finish Krants container

Dracaena Reflexa
in 40cm round stainless steel container with square perforation and wheels

Ficus Benjamina
display in 32 cm round extended stainless
steel container

Kentia Palm
in 40cm round
African design container

Multistem Yucca
in 40cm round studio design ceramic container

Bamboo Palm
in tall Katana
resin container

Variation table
display in 32cm terracotto bowl (all colours
glazes available)

Single Cactus
display tapered desk bowl (black wrought iron stand optional

Variation table
display in 40cm low ceramic bowl

Variation Cacti
display in 32 cm stainless steel bowl

Various Desk Bowls

NOTE: All containers with the exception of Stainless Steel are available in Standard and Metallic Finish Colours. All units can be supplied with either bark chips or variation pebbles.