If you have pests on your premises you are breaking the law, inviting contamination and illness, incurring costly damage to your goods and to the building and risking your reputation..

Pests To Be treated
Cockroaches (Oriental American, German) bedbugs, rats, mice, fleas, weevils, ants and flies.

Service Frequency (Assessed according to individual clients needs)
12 times per annum | 6 times per annum | 4 times per annum

We guarantee a full back up service in between calls, when needed. All products used are registered with Department of Agriculture, Act. 36 of 1947


Treatment Procedure

  • Products are bought from registered suppliers

  • Services will be booked in advance

  • A system of strategically placed rodent bait stations is usually established throughout the
    premises to maintain permanent protection

  • Bait stations will be clearly marked and dated at each service

  • Contact dust - at electrical appliances

  • Gels - drains and wet areas

  • Wettable powder - on carpets and in cupboards

  • Wax Blocks

  • Flushing agent

  • Smoke generator

  • Suspension concentrates